Market surveillance and audit is generally based on, in the framework of European Union’s (EU) approach based on the free movement of goods, principle of placing on market with declaration that produced devices are appropriate to requirement of Union common technical regulation and auditing after placed on market.

With Customs Union agreement, free circulation right was introduced to CE marked Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipments (R&TTE) that have free circulation in EU, in our country within the frame of R&TTE Directive since 01.05.2006.

With prerogative of 4703 No. Framework Law and 5809 No.Electronic Communication Law our authority is obliged to make market surveillance and audit with the purpose of providing on market available devices that have minimum requirement condition in terms of human health, security of life and property and protection of environment and consumer according to R&TTE Directive.

During market surveillance and audit, convenience of devices with R&TTE Directive is checked and devices are subject to tests in compliance with the standards in terms of Market Surveillance Laboratory.

Technical Regulations Department and Market Surveillance Laboratory Directorate carry out related works of 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) that will replace 1999/5 / EC R & TTE Directive and published in the EU Official Journal on 22.05.2014. R&TTE Directive that European Union decided to revişe with the such purposes of resolve the current uncertainty, reduce unnecessary administrative burdens on business enterprises, make easier the use of goods with common charger for mobile phones and other portable devices and prevent environmental pollution, will be repealed on June 12, 2016 and also since June 13, 2016 Radio Equipment Directive (RED) will be implemented.

The sample devices acceptanced from market surveillance group of Technical Regulations Department are subjected to the tests including a specific work program in related laboratory experiments, respectively by the Market Surveillance laboratory Directorate. During tests with implementing device’s technical document, prepared test request is consider and with operating different operate condition under favour of appropriate simulators, according to product family standard, product standard and/or test standards device is subjected to related tests. Harmonized European standards are taken into consideration in tests. After completion of tests, prepared test result reports are transmitted to Technical Regulations Department.

Our Laboratory’s test activities are accredite by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 General Condition for Competence of Test and Calibration Laboratories Standard. Tests are valid internationally and test results have high-level reliability.